Boy Scout Troop 125, Bradenton, Fl

Contact the Scout Master (941)-735-8118 (boys 11-17years old) 

Troop 125 Eagle Scouts

#1 Eagle Scout. Jason Howze, December 2011 he transferred to Troop 125 from East Coast Florida and became the assitant Senior Patrol Leader and then a Senior Patrol Leader. He was our first nominated to Order of the Arrow and is an outstanding scout. Jason has a pilot slot in the Airforce and continues to serve is country.  We could not be more proud of the young man.   
#2 Eagle Scout. Lane Todoroff, December 2013 was a founding scout Member of Troop 125 and was the first Senior Patrol Leader and also nominated to the Order of the Arrow. Lane is a junior in collage as of 2016 and is planning on becoming a doctor.
#3 Eagle Scout, John Coker, November 2014 also a founding Scout Member of Troop 125 was an outstanding Scribe, Patrol Leader, Assitant Senior Patrol Leader and trained Den Chief.  John is a senior on HS as of 2016 and is checking out collages these days. 
#4 Eagle Scout Michael Bailey, December 2014 His route to Eagle Scout rank started in Dhahran (where he was born in October 1996) when he joined Cub Pack 3255. He completed the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) at Philmont Scout Ranch in 2013, completed his Leave No Trace (LNT) training in 2013 and completed a 12 day hike (Trek 18 Rugged) at the Philmont Scout Ranch in 2014 with members of Troop 125 (Lakewood Ranch, Florida). After graduating from AFA in May 2015, Michael is looking forward to starting to work on his undergraduate degree here in Florida.
#5 Eagle Scouts, was Mitch Hoeft, September 2014 Also a transferred into Troop 125 from an Ohio troop. Mitch was a great Senior Patrol Leader and nominated to the Order of the Arrow. 

Jacob Diercks, March 2015 (Founding Scout of Troop 125, Chaplin Aid, Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol Leader, Order of the Arrow)

Jack Corey, March 2015 (Transfer from Cleveland, Ohio. Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol Leader and nominate to Order of the Arrow)
Alex Williams, August 2015 (Founding Scout of Troop 125, Patrol Leader, Quartermaster, Senior Patrol Leader, nominated to Order of the Arrow)
Aaron Harshman, August 2015 (Founding Scout of Troop 125, Patrol Leader, Quatermaster and nominated to Order of the Arrow)

Michael Meiser, August 16, 2016

He is a founding member of Troop 125. He served as Quartermaster, Patrol Leader, Troop Trainer, ASPL and Senior Patrol Leader. Michael was an active Order of the Arrow member and plans to support the troop as an Assistant Scoutmaster for 2016-2017.