Boy Scout Troop 125, Bradenton, Fl

Contact the Scout Master (941)-735-8118 (boys 11-17years old) 

Welcome Webelos to Troop 125

Crossover into Boy Scouts is a BIG DEAL and we cordially invite you and your parents to attend a few events with Troop 125. 

You can drop in during a Monday troop meeting or contact us at (941)-544-1393 and let you know your coming. We hope to see you soon!

Troop 125 has few  events that are really great for Webelos

Our "Big Deal Weekend" occurs every January at Camp Flying Eagle.  All scouts will get hands on scouting experience with a seasoned scouts from T125. 

Webelos work side-by-side with older scouts as they help prepare for out annual feast using a number of primitive cooking methods. Enjoy Trashcan Turkey, Smok Ribs in a Cardboard Box, or perhaps its a Traditional Pig Roast.  See you there. 

The "Big Deal Weekend"  is a great time to fellowship with other scouting parents and scouts. 

Join us at the District Camp-o-Ree in January at Camp Flying Eagle.

"The District Camp-o-ree" is an event that allows visiting webelos scouts to work as part of the troop. Th scouts demonstrate skills during a number of inter-troop challenges and the scouts have alot of fun along the way. 

See you soon.

Mr. Meiser - Scoutmaster Troop 125 

941 358 8787